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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The rules?

rules of writing
Can't remember where I found this. But here it is anyway. These are for the 'read' word rather than the 'performed' word - but most hold true.


Lucy said...

The "read" word is surely the same as the "performed" word in that it has to be "read" first?

Sounds like an essay question doesn't it. DISCUSS.

Lianne said...

Ooh, I love that. Thanks for posting!

d f mamea said...

nice one, Tim. i particularly like number 8 - it's usually the first thing i'm asked for.

Tim Clague said...

Lucy - kind of true. But the reason I wrote that was to excuse the fact that one of the points talks about poetry which is not directly related to scriptwriters. And obviously if the read word was the same as the performed word all novellists would be great playwrites and all scriptwriters would be great technical authors. Which we aren't.

Lucy said...

You're telling me! I spent a whole summer at one lit agent reading scripts by novelists attempting to write screenplays. BRAIN. EXPLODED.