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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Renaissance Man

As I've been preparing to write some blog posts on The Scriptwriter's Life - and in particular Building your Character - I've been thinking about a wider trend I've noticed.

Maybe it's always been there but it's whether we notice it or not that has changed over time.

I'm talking about multi-dimensional people. People with a rounded character, who can draw on many interests. Who don't specialise. Other terms are generalist, polymath and, my favourite, Homo universalis. Perhaps the most famous is Leonardo Da Vinci whose work in art informed his science, or was it the other way around? Or was it that he saw them as one thing?

You don't need to be a Leonardo though to be generalist. The painting above is by Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood who says the guitar, the piano, the paintbrush are just different tools to him.

For many years we were encouraged to specialise. But these days jobs / techniques / roles change unbelievable quickly. The way around it is to have a wider knowledge. As you know this blog is about the worlds of the web, scriptwriting and film making. Its about how they cross over that I am interested in. Not about how they are separate.

If I was just a 'pure' writer then I'd just be studying existing scripts, existing films and reading McKee etc. If I did that where on Earth would the new ideas come from?

What's your broader interest? How does it overlap with writing?

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