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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Power to the pixel*

I'll be at this on Friday...

It's part of the London Film Festival and is a day focused on new distribution ideas - and all sorts of lovely Projector Films blog goodness that we talk about on here. It's like this blog - live! Not enough emphasis on how you script write for this type of media, but I guess I can ask about that. Hope to see you there. It's a bargain at £35. If you see me then say hello and I'll give you a Circumference trailer DVD!

If you want to know about getting your film out there yourself and grab your own audience then go. If you're happy to leave it all to guys who take 50% and then just go and put your film on the shelf and leave it there - then don't go.

Some old hands from this blog on the panels so it should be good...

Peter Buckingham, Head of Distribution and Exhibition, UK Film Council who has supported us.
Michael Gubbins, Editor, Screen International - who writes great editorials about film2.0 ideas
David Straus & Joe Neulight, Co-founders, Withoutabox
Sara Pollack, Manager, Film & Animation, YouTube
Robert Greenwald, Director, Iraq For Sale, Walmart, Outfoxed. You can watch Outfoxed on Google Video (of course) here.
Susan Buice & Arin Crumley, Directors, Four Eyed Monsters - which you can watch all of (its a funky romantic feature) here.
Matt Hanson, Director, A Swarm of Angels - another film.0 idea we featured a while ago.

Here's the guff stuff...

Power to the Pixel is a one-day forum that will connect the film community with key innovators of the digital revolution who are pioneering new ways of distributing, marketing and financing independent films.

Leading filmmakers, entrepreneurs, networks and companies creating cutting edge distribution strategies will share their expertise on the latest digital tools and practices that are transforming the film business, as well as describing new ways of working in the digital environment.

*'right on' (and presumably in the digital world - 'left off')
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potdoll said...

Yippeee! See you Friday!

Tim Clague said...

See you there!