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Monday, October 29, 2007

Peter Buckingham says...

peter buckingham
Peter Buckingham is Head of Distribution for the UK Film Council. He is also a friend of Circumference. Here some phrases from his speech to the 'Power to the Pixel' conference.

He says...
The current distribution model is broken. It is fundamentally built around preventing people from watching your film. You choose the time, the place, the way. Not the audience. We even lock people up when they try to watch film when they want rather than when we want. It is broken.

More than that, independent films come off worse as they get squeezed out the most and treated the worst.

The answer for the film industry is obvious. Just do this:
Give people what they want. When they want it. And how they want it.

All consumers worry about is:
A quality image
A great story
Good price

I say...
I really go for Peter's no nonsense delivery of the 'state of the industry'. It's a style that says, "let's not fool ourselves here". And I agree. I don't see how the industry can have it's head in the sand anymore. Doing nothing probably means going out of business. I also feel that what Peter says backs up the Circumference idea 100%. The Circumference website highlights the quality of the film and, of course, it's the best price of all - free!

The only hard part in Peter's advice is "Give people what they want". That's the hardest part of all maybe, and it always has been. For the whole history of film - of art - of business in general. My advice around that is to listen. Social networking means ideas between humans is floating around all the time. We just need to plug into that, listen to the links if you like. Now that's a new phrase waiting to happen - "listen to the links man!"

More from Peter tomorrow.

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