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Monday, October 29, 2007

New film2.0 idea

These guys are trying a 100% collective idea: "filmforay is about collaboratively creating a Hollywood film from the ground up.
Right now we have no production deal and no Tinsel Town connections, and we like it that way!"

Thanks to Stewart McKie for link.
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deepstructure said...

wow - have you read some of those ideas and the comments on them? man, good luck with that i say.

Tim Clague said...

I agree DS. But an interesting idea. Personally I think this is too open, too committee based to work.

deepstructure said...

there's quite a few collaborative ideas about with probably the most visible being a swarm of angels. that one's even supported by cory doctorow. be interesting to see if any of these actually create a popular film.

Tim Clague said...

Agreed - I saw matt at the conference and he came up to say hello - I'm one of the 'angels'. Nice guy. And certainly his talk will feature on here soon.