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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to the Scriptwriter's Life.

YES! Back to the scriptwriter's life. Did we ever leave? We've had a good and complete look at the first circle - What is your story? In a way of course I'm wrong to tick it off. We haven't actually done it, finished it, slam-dunked it. We've only discussed it. The actual process of keeping on top of your story telling skills, practicing your pitches and being technically up to date - all of these should be ongoing for top writers.

But as I've been back into the writing myself recently, with new projects, my thoughts have turned to new scripts and new stories. Where do these come from? Most blog readers will know about my passion for 'collecting' bits of life and using them - what I call (rather pretentiously but in what I imagine is an endearing and funky way) Storydust. But HOW do we collect Storydust? How do we make sure we have something worth writing about? How do we know our scripts are any good? How do we keep getting better?

Yes, my blog reading friends, the answer lies in red circle - in Building your character. And that, from tomorrow, will be the focus of the next part.

Worth a mention is the fact that diagram itself has now been downloaded well over 3000 times. So if you need help with your 'reds' then you're in excellent (and numerous) company!

New to this diagram?
What is it? - How do I get a copy? - Read from the beginning on the blog.

The Scriptwriter's Life diagram is by Tim Clague from a joint venture by Projector Films, South West Screen & MartonHouse.
The diagram can be used by anyone and is under a Creative Commons License.
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potdoll said...

When I tried to print this off in the past it came out blank. Is that still the case Mister?

Tim Clague said...

Obviously this shouldn't be the case. What I found was that many people's printers couldn't cope with the big image and would either crop it or scale it wrongly.

To help - you can now download it as a word document or pdf - all correctly scaled for A4 - genius!

potdoll said...

Ah. good good.