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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Teddy and the Moon

Just about got my application together for the UK Film Council's Cinema Extreme fund. It's an atheist drama.

After being given 2 weeks ‘to get his head together’ by the advertising agency he works for Jimjam (James) seeks solace with his brother, a chaplain.
They set off together on a mission to use Jimjam’s marketing knowledge and persuading skills to debunk psychics, clairvoyants and other pseudo-science frauds.
However, as Jimjam reflects upon his life he draws a far more controversial conclusion – that religion is the biggest fraud of all.

Some of these ideas have been storydust for ages so its great to see them combined and come to life.

The advice bit: But this blog is about sharing ideas, not about my films. So here is an idea that is woefully underused. It's what advertisers call 'an endorsement' or 'testimonial'. In simpler terms, its evidence.

Perhaps in your funding proposal you say that "this film challenges a notion of what disabled people are capable of." Really? How so? Let's ask the Disabled People's Council. Or someone who has gone through the situation in the script. A quote from them will add credibility to the proposal, show you know your onions and show that you are keen to work with people. A great spin off benefit of course is that they can offer insights for your next draft.

I think as writers we often have our heads down too often. We should make our work, our scripts, our films PART of the world. Not aside from it.

For my project I went to Professor Richard Dawkins – holder of the Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, Channel 4 broadcaster (Enemies of Reason / Root of all Evil) and author of ‘The God Delusion’. But I think he was more interested in if I was related to his Great Aunt Winifred Dawkins who was wife to Sir John Clague. I don't think I am.

But it's a small world. And if it is small then we should choose to explore it and make our projects part of it. Living scripts.

Picture by Darcy Ripley - my current favourite person in the whole world. From nothing to the image above in 4 hours. Professional, fast, imaginative - and only 18!
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potdoll said...

good luck with cinema extreme tim

Tim Clague said...

Its an awesome project - if I say so myself