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Monday, September 24, 2007

New ways we watch films...

video watch
Saw this article below on Netribution...

9 billion films were watched online in July 2007 in the US alone, according to the latest figures from comScore Networks. The figure is up from around 7 billion in March, with 134 million people each watching an average of 181 minutes of video during the month.

Interestingly, just 27% of clips watched were through Google/YouTube, which nevertheless far outstripped its rivals - Yahoo nabbed a distant second place, serving up 4.3 percent of the clips, while Fox Interactive Media (MySpace), came in third with 3.3 percent. Viacom (3.1 percent) and Disney (2 percent) rounded out the top five. Google also ranked first in July in unique video viewers with almost 68 million, followed by Fox Interactive (35.8 million), Yahoo (35.3 million), Time Warner Inc. (26.6 million) and Viacom (22.6 million), comScore said.

That means over 50% of films watched online on either very small video sharing/hosting sites or on people's own sites.

So what?

For me - it means I still feel we are onto something with projects like Circumference and 365 if we can make them catch fire.

For producers it means a new possibility of large volume audience figures ready to view films on-line. But this is tempered by the lack of a clear path through. ie. no one 'best place' to do this. It could be Google Video, but not necessarily. You can go it alone. Are these ideas factored into your distribution plan? What do you want to achieve from the web? Money or publicity?

For directors a new challenge. Are you shooting in a web friendly way?

For writers it means getting out some of the skills used in shorts. 181 minutes a month doesn't cut down very far. Is your writing delivered in short, sharp chunks. Our challenge as writers is to keep things moving then - and fast! The web is not the cinema and it's not TV. It's a medium of itself. So enjoy exploring it.

Believe it or not thisvideo watch actually exists. Dick Tracy style!
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