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Sunday, September 09, 2007

New way to review your own script

Thanks to Suki for forwarding this new site to me.

It's radical, yet sensible, yet curious - all at the same time.

You send the company your script. They read it out. And email back an mp3.

It is worthwhile? Not sure. I think I'd prefer to get some actors together to read it. But for others doing that may be too far outside of how they like to work. For them this might be heaven sent. Either way, hearing your script is a good idea. It's closer to the final form that is seeks to capture.


Anonymous said...

It's bollocks. Any decent text-to-speech convertor will do it with more passion than the demo I listened to on their site.
I use Scriptwriter 2000 and not only will it read your script but it'll use different voices for different characters. Now that's worthwile.

Tim Clague said...

Worth a mention that Final Draft has the same feature.