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Friday, September 14, 2007

Advice from Toronto

david alexander
My film making colleague David Alexander is back from the Toronto Film Festival. He was selected as one of the UK's up and coming film dudes to take part in a series of workshops - The Talent Lab. I asked him for his top bit of learning from this experience. Surprising to me, was his answer...

Probably the best advice was to to just keep making films. I know it sounds stupid and obvious, but that really was the main thing. There were directors going through highs, lows, money, no money, being appreciated, not being appreciated, but they just kept making stuff, however they could, shooting for peanuts, shoot and edit on digital etc. Just always making stuff however they could and not being afraid of failing, just getting on with it.

The good news with that piece of advice. It's something we can all do. Just keep at it. Easy to say. But ask yourself this - what one thing have you done today that is 'keeping at it'.

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