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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The TV producer manifesto

Quite a few people talking about the TV producer situation. Especially a couple of challenging ones from Gia. But I like to think that this blog is a helpful blog and as such I present to the world...

The TV producer's manifesto...

One: I am part of society.
I represent the audience. But I also represent the contributors. I will not make them look stupid and twist their words just for an easy life. The public are my responsibility, not my resource.

Two: Broadcasters - you need me.
I create content and you deliver it. But my idea is my idea. If you want to do something stupid with it and try to skew it into something it isn't, then I'm off. I won't change it. Instead I'll get the money from somewhere else - maybe on-line.

Three: My contract is not with the broadcaster... is with the audience. If I say that the programme will do something, it will. As soon as I lie I have lost the audience. Do not try to make me a liar.

Four: It is not 'just' television
Just because it is an entertainment format do not belittle it. You can't go on about the power of TV if you don't accept the responsibility of TV. If its 'just TV' then why do we all have to pay a license fee?

Five: Work together rather than against
I believe that the audience, the broadcaster and the producer must work together. Why are we competing against each other?

Comments on this manifesto are welcome. Its an ongoing work.

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