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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog in third year - top ranked in google

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Not many people are talking about it - but blogs are on the decline I think. Some are slowing and stopping. People are moving to Facebook etc. BUT the Projector Films blog will continue and in fact the number of readers is growing. Mainly for these 3 reasons.

One: For me - It helps me think out new ideas, crucial for my own development.
Two: For you - You guys are welcome to borrow and steal these ideas
Three: For us all - It continues to be a great way to meet fellow writers and film2.0 advocates and keep in touch - good gravity.

Of the three, the last point is the most important I believe. I met up with three people today (including someone who co-ordinates writing for computer games - very interesting). With all three we had a jump start to the conversation because of the blog, a kicking off point if you like. Whether that's the Scriptwriter's Life or structure2.0 ideas or whatever.

That's 3 meetings - in one day - all blog related. That's a very real benefit. Remember that a writer is nothing is their work isn't read. And people prefer to read the work of people they know.

Bonus news. Go to google. Type in british short film or uk short film and yes, you do feel lucky.

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potdoll said...

It was cool hooking up yesterday Tim!

The Uncle said...

That's some amazing ranking Tim, Google luuurves you!

Anonymous said...

They may be moving to Facebook but they can only blog if they add the Live Blog application and I find that hardly anyone if they aregiving up the normal blogger type blogs,I guess they no longer have anything to say