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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog birthday

Yes. The blog is 2 years old today.

Time for a big, big, big (other expressions that indicate a large size are available) big, summary of 2 years. What has been learnt collectively from looking at new ideas to help writers? In particularly what can we see if we look to the future of the scriptwriting, the on-line media - what I've grown to call film2.0?

Good place to start for newer readers also.

One: You can't write with a passion about things you don't care about. Explore people, know people. Doesn't matter if you are scientific in character (as humans are the most complex machines we know of) or artistic in character (as people are at the centre of all art). But collect your storydust and use it. Formats change. But people will always be interestingDiscover the word
Two: Know what you stand for, your USP and all else will flow from that. Be brave - stick to your guns if you have to. It's your reputation - perhaps that is all you really have. Delight in working in new industries and formats and challenge structure and form if your story demands it. Master the word
Three: Get out there - let people know what you are doing, create gravity for yourself. Keep in touch. Know the value of your work. Go that bit further to connect with people in the business (using business in a very loose way). Embrace new ways to connect with an audience. Spread the word.

Certain old timers amongst you will notice that these three bits of advice are like the three circles from the Scriptwriters's Life. Well, obviously! ;-)

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