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Monday, August 27, 2007

Advice from Samantha Morton

Personally I didn't make it Edinburgh this year. But fellow writer and blogger Sal Brown did. She's written up a good account but perhaps buried a great piece of advice from actress Samantha Morton in one of her posts. Here's how Sal Brown summarised it...

She said that acting, like any form of creativity, is like a muscle and must be exercised every day, so when she wasn’t working she’d go to workshops, and keep acting even when she wasn’t getting paid. Asked what role she’d like in a classic remake, she was very anti-remakes, particularly of European non-English films remade in Hollywood, generally worse and with “the same old faces”. She was also very keen to continue working in the UK and in independent film, because that’s where she came from, and if people disappear to Hollywood then there won’t be any independent film, and then where do the next generation of actors come from? “It’s about more than ego”.

To me, what is interesting about that view is that that is what about 80% of writers would say. But probably not directors. So actors and writers perhaps share an outlook. If do - then why do we look down on actor / writers so much? And why are there so few of them?

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Photo from elsewhere - not at that particular talk.


shecanfilmit said...

Writer/actors, huh? The ones that come to mind off the top of my head... Zach Braff and Liev Schrieber. Also, Ethan Hawke and Steve Martin.

I don't know why it's such a rare skill set.

I love Samantha Morton's work.

Daniela Vidor said...

Is Samantha Morton on Does she have a profile?
I love her work and personality!! I'm a big fan!!