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Monday, July 23, 2007

My own anecdotes from TV doc land

I've only ever made one TV documentary. And this is it. Humourous journalism style - Wimborne Road: Is it too long?

And I reshow it for your viewing pleasure today with a reason. The reason being that we shot it in as honest a manner as we could - following on from my previous post. We did walk the whole road with Peter Lee and we did start at one end and made our way on foot all the way to the other end - by dusk.

This was despite ITV almost trying to make us do it the 'normal' way - fixing it and pretending we'd walked it.

TV Lies have no home here though and we ignored them.

But for full disclosure I must admit that presenter Peter Lee's microphone is a comedy prop. But I was such a fan of when Terry Wogan had the same one on Blankety Blank that I went for it anyway on the basis that it didn't actually distort the truth - I hope!

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Stuart Arnott said...

Cracking programme Tim, I really enjoyed that. Peter was great, he came across as quite a natural!

Tim Clague said...

Yeah - but a natural what...?