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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Less is more

Sometimes going one better is not really enough. A step up might seem obvious but it isn't exciting. I believe that sometimes doing the opposite of everyone else is a better option. At the very least it gets noticed.

For example take BBC1. What about the idea of shutting it down at around midnight. Complete shut down, no news24 or any of that other filler stuff. Just shut it down.

It sends out a signal that this is a channel of carefully selected programming - not just a way to pump crap into your homes. I really doubt there is much benefit (in a multi-channel environment) to having news24 on there. So taking it off might be incredibly beneficial to their branding. Less is more.

You could even have Myleene Klass on the testcard. Although that is just a 'step up' from the old testcard!

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OnMeJack said...

What about people that work late.

what about just repeating the day schedule, so if you missed it the first time here it is again.

Tim Clague said...

I think that's the job of another channel. This idea says ring fence an A+ channel and keep it that way - no filler.

The Uncle said...

When the big analogue switch off happens there will be no further need to show News 24 after hours on Beeb 1. What's the point? If you want to watch News 24 use that trigger finger and find the official channel you lazy public!

However the Beebs educational shows sometimes run in the wee hours and that is programming you can't find at any other time of day.

JS said...

How about not spending all that money on sports and using it to make more episodes of Doctor Who so that we can have extra terrestrial programming from midnight to six AM