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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


monkey on stage
Most live acts have an encore.
Most films don't.
Or at least they don't plan one. I can think of the little animation at the end of 'A Life Less Ordinary' or maybe the out-takes which started with Burt Reynolds films. Both chucked in afterwards.

But why not write one in? An extra scene for the audience. Go on - they love it - give 'em a cheeky bit more.

Still from Britannia corporate video featuring Adrian Ward and Vladivar the monkey.
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The Uncle said...

I always wanted to make a film which has the real ending after the credits have rolled.

e.g. happy ending before credits, bloodbath with none of the characters surviving after.

Even if it was a rubbish film people would still talk about it because of its ending.

Tim Clague said...