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Monday, July 16, 2007

By Royal Appointment

Special repost on honesty. First uploaded 1 year ago to the day Steve Keevil reminded me that this seems oddly topical with HRH The Queens (TM) recent edit suite adventures...

...Most people just thought film making was filming stuff happen anyway - no real editing occurred. Now people know it. They look out for it. What editing has occurred in Big Brother to skew the story? "Hey, they've edited that to change the emphasis" and so on.

I'd go further. I'd say people are tired of the whole thing. They don't want anymore TV lies. They don't want situations that are contrived and false. 'oh look - here conviently is an expert of the subject'. Blogs (and MySpace et al) have shown us the real people can be cool anyway. Just tell us how it is. If someone didn't turn up - say it. If something went wrong - show us. In this age you need to be honest to build trust with an audience. Be proud of your editing. Tell us what was cut and why. People can take it / understand it these days.

My hope: Less TV lies. More TV honesty.

I'd also add to that - today media literacy is probably as essential to learn as english literature. Who can you trust in the media and why? Do schools have it high enough on their agenda. If they don't then we are not equipping the population to ask ITV News 'Yeah, you say that, but I don't have to pay for your service so where is the money coming from?"

1 comment:

OnMeJack said...

Just read this

and watched the appropriate clip.

The editor argued that it doesnt change the story that the chronological order was changed for the edit.

but i cant but think if thats true, then why change it. and then have a voice over as if it wasnt...