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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You know - by kids

Tonight I was working with a group of 'youngsters' on their film ideas. I like doing talks / lectures / workshops and so on. Not least because it keeps me fresh. Where else do you hear questions such as 'what have you done that means I should care about your opinion?'. I've paraphrased that slightly.

How the organisers are running it is pretty much how anyone would do it. Put people into groups and they make a film. Simple! But this can, obviously, result in disagreements and tensions. All the normal characters were there.
  • Those that were too cool for school
  • The quiet ones who were getting left out but had great ideas
  • The showoffs
Which one were you when you were younger. (for those young blog readers then which one are you now?)

The point is - this seems like a really tall order to expect this many people who don't know each other to get along and work on a film. Regardless of age. Could you do it? The great thing is - they are. Because of the benefit from the tough challenges and questions they give each other. The room is full off, "why not do this", "this happened to me", "instead, why don't we change it completely and do...".

In the end I came around to that way of working having many benefits. The view of the writer, writing alone, at a desk. The way we work, we need to lose that solitary behaviour - soon!

And kick ideas around early, together, and have a laugh.


The Uncle said...

I was the "quiet one" at school, not sure I had too many good ideas though.

I'm not even sure anything has changed.

potdoll said...

i'm not sure i was any of those you describe but i would have definitely been going out with the one in the striped top. my tastes have changed since school though and now i would pick the one at the front.

those workshops sound FUN!

Tim Clague said...

I think you may have missed the point of this post slightly potdoll...

potdoll said...