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Monday, June 25, 2007

Where you been?

In a short answer...
"All over the place"

Sorry for the less manic blogging. Okay, maybe some of you prefer it. Reading about crazy new ideas can be tiring after all. Thank goodness that most people are too lazy to explore them or else I'd be out of a living. But, as soooo many people have pointed out to me - there are no new ideas. Indeed. Probably not. Just ideas we move around. "Circumference" is just "Google: the movie" really. Which is a great tag line now I think about it.

Anyway. As you can see from the above YouTubed vid I have been around the country filming and interviewing interesting people. What is the Platform that I'm on about? It's nothing to do with shoes or trains. In fact its a kind of business version of The Scriptwriter's Life - except that it has serious cash behind it.

Obviously interesting things that I learn (new ideas if you must) will be shared here.

I'll leave you with a couple of challenges. Are you thinking about how your ideas could be applied elsewhere? Are you getting out and about (that's in the real world, not virtually) and meeting enough new people? When did you last choose to meet someone new?

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rob said...

I have given up on the real world completely and now only exist in the virtual world. My virtual friends and I are doing fine :)

Danny Stack said...

It's Blog TV!

Tim Clague said...

Rob - you know that's not true. That big laugh has to be experienced for real!