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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Teletubbies - lessons to learn

The great thing about the Teletubbies is this...

It knows its audience but more than that. It really understands its target audience and unapologetically tells them a story in the way they want it.

In 'real adult' programmes you don't see the same clip twice, you don't have characters who can't speak properly. Heck, in Teletubbies even the world doesn't make sense - to us adults. But to the pre-schools it is completely as they see the world. It does make sense.

Now think about your script. Does it go beyond merely appealing to your target audience? Does it live in their world? Is it their world? Is it told in their way?

An example - horror. Who the hell is scared of a lonely log cabin? I've never seen one. And if I did then I'd text my mates about it because nowhere in the world is now out of contact. The most horrific thing for kids these days - losing their entire social networking structure that has taken 3 years to build. Now that's scary.

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