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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Modern life and writing

The world changes very quickly. Very quickly. The last 5 years has seen kids owning mobiles, myspace, blogs and other forms of social networking such as youtube. This has fundamentally altered the way that people interact and socialise.

But when was the last time you saw this on screen? Its like the last five years never happened. Faced with a story problem its almost as if writers dip into a collective bin of tricks and techniques. This bin was put in place about 20 years ago. In the bin are old favourites like meeting in the pub, phoning, calling around to see someone. Getting a telegram has only just been retired from the bin.

Is it because these new forms of communication are less visual? I'm not sure. They are more visual than getting a phone call for heaven's sake. And certainly more visual and immediate than a letter. So think modern my friends. It's a huge untapped potential to see these devices used in a script.

Texting at the last minute
A characters MySpace page
Using a PDA to show information
Sharing photos on Flickr to solve a mystery
Finding a love interest on friends reunited

And for those that say - I'm not sure if this would work in a TV drama or a film then I say to you - who cares? You've assumed that writing is limited to these 'old school' formats. In fact everything I see says that writing drama for new devices could be the next big thing.

Will it be? Text your answer to the premium rate number... Er, no. I'll get in trouble. Just leave a comment. It's free.

1 comment:

OnMeJack said...

Hollyoaks, the bastion of modern teen drama did in fact use the medium of text in todays episode.

now thats cutting edge