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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Imagine if they opened a new library. Just down the road from you - a new library. Being perhaps a person who may be described as a 'writing sort' or certainly someone who likes finding out about new things you think it sounds like a great idea. Then imagine that when you go in they tell you that it would take a few days to find the knowledge you wanted and even longer to get a picture. You'd just walk out. The internet has completely changed the way we think about getting our hands on information.

But the internet has also changed / is changing / will change how we get our hands on entertainment. Even more crucial to us is the fact that it has changed how we like to digest facts about other people - eg. facebook and myspace. We like to know lots of bits of little detail. We like complex interlinked people. We like music to go with people. We like a richness. We like characters, not long stories.

So then, why are we still writing in the old fashioned way? The old pre-library dusty internet way? Fundamentally our minds are changing in the West. Our story method might also.

My prediction is... within 5 years we will have a new story structure (a replacement for 3 act) for these new kind of stories. The choice is ours. Do we want to buy the book or do we want to feature in it by the work we do now?

If you're not interested then don't worry - you can borrow it from that library.

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Rodrigo said...

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Matt said...

Sounds like a neat idea. If you are into the predicting game, what new paradigms do you see in story structure?