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Monday, June 11, 2007

Free film - another new idea

I met the guys behind Four Eyed Monsters at Berlin earlier this year. And then blog reader Suki emailed me about them today.

Why? Because he knows I love new ways to get films made and new ways to get them seen.

This is both.

The film is free but the request from the film makers is for viewers to sign up to who will pay them $1 for each new subscription.

What I like about this idea is that its even more web2.0 than Circumference is as it uses a google-style affiliate funding method. It has a clear goal and its clearly a great solution all round for viewers, for funders and for film makers. I also like the trust element with the audience and the special tie in with YouTube. And I love the viral nature - you can get the code to embed the film (as I've done) straight off their website. No piracy worries there! Have it!

My concern is that it perhaps lacks the long term approach of Circumference. What happens next? Does it have a life off-line? Does the material match the format? Does it have a clarity - its free but you can also buy it - can the audience understand that?

But you can't deny a good idea when you see it. And we'll be watching results carefully to add extra weight to our proposal. That's what so refreshing about all the film2.0 ideas - a sense of us all doing it together. A common goal - new ways, new ideas, new films.

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OnMeJack said...

Hi long time reader have commented in awhile.

no wait thats Aint it cool news.

anyway ello squire sorry havent said hi in long time

just wondered if you saw this

its relevant honest

Tim Clague said...

Fear not (well only a little bit) blog readers. The post is relevant. Its called... 10 Reasons Free Porn Does Not Threaten the Adult Industry.

The essence is that you can't put the genie back in the bottle anyway. So deal with it.

Its the same for film piracy. People are going to copy stuff. Just get used to it.

the link again