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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shareware - go on, give it a go

4 stories, 1 article and from these 1 new idea.

Story one A friend of mine decided to download (in the good old-fashioned dodgy way) 'The Host' - to give it a go. He doesn't know Korean films at all. But he had half heard good things. So he gave it a go - as it was risk free. He loved it. He recommended it to myself and others. And will check out other Korean films from now on.

Story two Which reminded me of when I saw Sad Movie. I saw it on a plane, didn't have to pay, gave it a go, bought it when I got back.

Story three The marketing campaign for '300' included inviting bloggers (I couldn't go as I was in Berlin) to attend early screenings to spread the word.

Story four I'm reading a Michael Moore book at the moment. It's a collection of emails from soliders in Iraq. Many mention seeing pirate copies of Fahrenheit 9/11. They had never seen Michael Moore's work before this. Now they are fans.

Article one In this week's Screen International Leonard Klady writes 'Today the myriad of supplemental revenues (such as DVD, downloads, ringtones, figures etc) are the engine, or at least the prevailing profit centre for movies. {in the future} conventional film going would merely be a loss leader much in the way hardcover has become in relationship to paperback in publishing.

The new idea: Go further. Give the cinema experience away. Its just a giant advert for your film. Make it easy for my friend to check out a Korean film on a no-gamble chance. If its good he'll stick with it. Or perhaps adopt a shareware approach. You only pay if you like it. You are sure people will like your film - aren't you???

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