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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Homer Simpson's Can of Pop

Homer Simpson has his arm caught in a drinks vending machine. Eventually the fire department arrive. But there is no choice. They will have to cut his arm off. But just at the last minute a fireman looks through a small crack in the front.

Homer, are you just holding onto the can?

Your point being?

Are you holding onto a can because you want to? Even though you know they will cut your arm off?

This could be in a story where you can't quite make the cuts you need to, even though you know it isn't working as it is. Or maybe the script is too long. You know it needs cutting, but you love all the quirky bits in it. Let go of the can!

But it could be in your writing career. Are you still holding onto the can that says 'An agent will get my work for me' or 'Film is better than TV'. Let go of the can!

What's your can?

Image of Homer nicked from t' net
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