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Monday, April 02, 2007

Chin wag

ALL of my recent ideas have come out of conversations. NONE have come from sitting on my own. And yet so many writers sit alone in the belief that they can "hammer it out".

Just one example has been working on Dom Carver's script with him. Briefly the script is called Epitaph and concerns 4 friends. One is the dead and the other three need to find out why he killed himself, perhaps because they all have a guilty conscience. It's a half hour TV drama set mostly in a single room. Good stuff. And I've been trying to help Dom tighten it up and make it more dramatic with the view to myself being attached as director. So I'd been thinking about the script for a couple of weeks already when we met up on Sunday. Now Sunday morning isn't always the best time for meeting, especially if Dom hasn't had his cuppa yet. But we did it all the same. And we were so right to do it. The bloggers call it 'riffing' - kicking around an idea. I don't know who thought up what, it just happened. But we came up with ideas to do with changing ages, changing races and changing characters motivations. All the for best.

Of course it didn't 'just happen'. It happened because of our conversation. Get talkin' dudes.

Other ideas that got riffed in a conversation include 365films, Hope, Grubby, Circumference.

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Dom Carver said...

Mmmmmm, you can't beat a good cup of tea to wake the old grey matter up.