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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Children of Men - amnesty!

Alfonso Cuarón was said to be pretty hacked off that the Children of Men DVD was, frankly, a wee bit crap. What is called 'a vanilla'. The skeptics amongst us believe that is a scam to lure film fans into buying the super duper 2 disc version later on.

Well not this time. Read below.

Upgrade your DVD for free.

The film has been re-released as a 2-disc special edition featuring documentarys, deleted scenes etc.

Universal is offering you the chance to trade in your vanilla disc for the new special edition.

All you do is send your copy (no ex-rental or pirate copies) along with a self addressed jiffy bag stamped to the value of 70p to:

PO BOX 188

Offer valid until June 30th 2007

In my mind this is the first sign of something. Quite what that something is though is hard to say.

Some may say its the web2.0 / blogger movement in action. Other industries have seen it and maybe its finally come to the film industry. This is the idea that the public won't be jerked about anymore. Networking sites / forums / blogs mean that bad news travels quickly. And if your core audience is an informed audience then they will pounce on you and your product mistakes very quickly. For instance if Nike make a duff shoe that falls apart after 5 minutes EVERYBODY will know about it in 6 minutes. And that's that. No advertising or marketing or branding will help because everyone knows its crap. So was it an awareness of this mentality that promoted Universals offer? In this case I don't believe so. I believe it was something else. I believe it was a sign of the director (and probably producer Iain Smith following the other new trend - film makers being hands on with marketing.

Either way, interesting times my friends.

If you have no vanilla then you can jump straight in and get the
Children Of Men 2-discer here.

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