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Monday, April 30, 2007


The Pre-cannes networking event was a great success - about 100 people were there. As not everyone reading this is from the local area (that's the great thing about blogging) I won't go into all the details. But here were some general observations about networking.

One: Get a business card. Whatever it looks like, simple or crazy, get one. Some people didn't have one. I can't name names as I don't remember who they were. Which makes the point really.
Two: Its okay to give stuff - DVDs, CVs and short treatments.
Three: Remember the 'conversation' idea. Ask people about what they are doing and how they can help you and how you can help them. I had some great conversations with people where we shared ideas and discussed industry issues etc. And some conversations where people just told me about themselves. Perhaps we may be able to work together, but I never pieced together how as they were so busy banging on about their projects.
Four: Take a prop. Shaune walked around with the camera we bought and that did two things. Firstly it gave people a hook to start a chat. Secondly it connected people visually with his craft. Shaune = camera.

That last idea happened accidently as Shaune in fact had the camera for filming purposes. But spotting these new ideas as they happen is all part of the game.

1 comment:

Sal said...

There were 100 people at your pre Cannes event?? Cool! BTW would you like to meet up in Cannes? I'll be there 18th-26th, drop me an email or give me a call or text