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Thursday, April 26, 2007

all you think about it film... part 2

Who cares? That's some feedback I got from yesterday's post. We love film so get off our case.

The problem is if you only think about film then what do you bring to film? What new ideas are you injecting? This is not even mentioning the damage a full-on work schedule does to your home life. Most people, if asked, would pick their partner over their work. But yet everyday they do just the opposite. As storytellers we keep expecting life to be like our art - for their to be a third act, a moment of choice. Well it isn't coming. Most people's partners leave them over time. They don't slam the door suddenly.

I wanted to put up a photo with this post as I always like a bit of visual stuff. And today was no different in that regard. But it was different in another way. I wanted to put up a none-work photo. So I opened up iPhoto (other photo management tools are available) to get one. What an eye-opener. There was me in France - in Cannes. There was me and Kim in Edinburgh, promoting our short animation Hope. There was me enjoying myself - on location.

My photo moments were work moments. Even this photo above. I'm wearing SkillSet gear and I set them a copy. That's work.

So I present to you another photo.

This one is me at a sculpture park in Slovakia. Seeing other things. Doing something different. Being an idiot. Great!

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