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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scriptcloud - a new way of looking at your script is a new fun tool from my old friend Stewart McKie. It is similar to the Technorati cloud or any of the other meta clouds you see in web2.0 apps. Except its about your script! Give it a go. Not sure how much use it really is. Here's what Stewart says...

Why Bother with a ScriptCloud?
  • Because it’s fun.
  • Because it might help you to spot opportunities for improvement or problems to solve in your script that you might not otherwise see.
  • Because it’s fun.

Here is my cloud from Circumference. I'm pretty pleased that 'smiles' came out top.


potdoll said...

Lianne pointed out that she'd put some really old scripts in, and then some newer scripts and noticed that she now uses a lot more active nouns in her scripts. I copied and found the same. so it does have some uses.

It'd be cool to have a big poster of a scriptcloud of your favourite film. Would make a great present.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging the site Tim.

Perhaps the soundtrack for your movie should include that Lily Allen hit from last summer?

Also Potdolls comment is interesting and I'll be thinking about that more.

Danny Stack said...