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Friday, March 02, 2007

Can you write as well as this

Watch this video.

This guy wrote (essentially) one line. Just one line. But its such a good line that other people wanted in on the act. And now everyone's talking about it and using it and making CDs and DVDs etc. Do you (do I?) know how people think and fell well enough to write like that?

Go for it Ray!

And let us, once more, consider this diagram. Has Ray required the use of a record company and a big marketing budget to reach everyone? Nope. Somethings just catch on because they resonate. And that's enough.


Mystery Man said...

Great post, man.

The fact that something resonates with people is spot on.

On a side note - you can manipulate the size of the videos so that it's small enough to stay within the borders of your post. Just go into "Edit Html" and change:

object height="326" width="400"

Sometimes the height and width is mentioned twice is mentioned twice in the html so you may have to change it twice.

Hope that helps.

Great post.


Tim Clague said...

Thanks for the technical tip MM. I never understand those writers who think that it goes against their creative spirit to also have technical knowledge.