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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sophia Myles in 'good girl' shocker!

Back from Berlin - but I'll be posting up more special-guest new ideas over the next week.

Despite my outrageously poor performance in getting a ticket for Hallam Foe all was not lost. A chance encounter at Berlin airport with lead actress Sophia Myles filled in the gaps - and made this week-old blog entry already out of date! It was a good Berlin for her and the gang and their distribution company, Independent, made some good sales. I had already caught up with Sarah Goodwin, their marketing manager, and asked about her opinion of Colin's 'Hallam Foe' blog - is it good for business or irrelevant? Her opinion is "it can't hurt". So not a massive, ringing endorsement of the new world. She also said they had NO strategy for digital distribution and didn't know what they would do. My guess is she may be playing her cards close to her chest or maybe they are as confused as some of the other people I met. Best quote of the week was from a swiss filmmaker; "Yeah, but the whole internet thing will disappear in 5 years".

Anyway, the point of this story is that Sophia made me feel better. She confessed she left the post-screening party at midnight. Phew, good. Now I don't feel so bad only staying out only until 1 while UK networking legends like Rob Brown stayed out until 4! So thanks Sophia.

Extra storydust airport moment. A little girl had her pink toy suitcase searched by the security people. This included undressing her dolly. Massively symbolic - but in a way that I can't yet figure out.

Note to self: Is there a role to be a digital distribution consultant for film makers? If so would that make me a sales agent? And doesn't self distribution have to be done by yourself by definition?

Image taken from HF blog.
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