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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quick thought

All of the traditional (film1.0) cinema industry is about NOT letting you see a film. The marketing is relentless of course. So they lure you in, make you want to watch it and then hold you ransom. "This is a great film, its the greatest film. But you can only see it in this building, and then only on that format. And if you live over there then you can't see it at all, tough!"

I'm hoping that film2.0 is the opposite. Its about getting you on board with the film. Its about giving you the film and hoping you'll love it so much that YOU become the distributor to your friends. "This is a great film, you decide if its the greatest. See it how you want, when you want. We're so proud of it that we just want you to see it and we won't even charge"

Is that really all that crazy?

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Unknown said...

Film 2.0 is the new paradigm that allows filmmakers to present their work to the world. It is the most democratic and exciting form of distribution as it allows quality work to be spread worldwide. The viral nature of Film 2.0 allows filmmakers such as myself to present work anywhere.

Tim Clague said...

Indeed. Plus it exposes film makers to their audience first hand. Great for feedback - of the most honest kind!

Ginger6672 said...

I'm all for this!
But how to you make money, as a 2.0 filmmaker? Crowdsourcing will get you enough to make the film, but not enough to live on :(