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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New ideas from behind the camera

Slawomir Idziak was the director of photography (DoP) of Black Hawk Down, Gattaca, King Arthur and the new Harry Potter directed by my old mentor David Yates. He also had a working relationship with Krzysztof Kieslowski for 20 years, peaking at their work on Three Colours: Blue. Here are 7 challenges from him...

One: Script layout is stupid. He has been working for 40 years. Half of the life of talkies. And its never changed. Its stupid. Change it. When I said this I was shot down on the blog - but he's famous so its okay!
Two: You don't need a monitor. If you do need a monitor - get a bigger one. Little 9 inch Sony thing - what's the point?
Three: DoP must work with the writer and the director to create the shooting script. That way you get a visual story, not a dialogue story.
Four: In Poland the DoP is the first person a director calls when he starts the project. Why isn't that true in Hollywood / the UK?
Five: Stop shooting so much. Multi-cameras, all the angles - just in case. What? Don't you know what you're doing?
Six: Technical changes are unimportant to any discussion on cinematography.
Seven: Art Director, DoP and Production Designer. Get these people working together and they can take 50% of the effort off the director's shoulders.

I hope I've managed to capture the directness, bluntness and passion behind his talk.

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