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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new idea for the third world?

I met up with Gia the other day. For those that don't know her she is a film blogger and presenter. She runs the blog for the new Danny Boyle sci-fi film Sunshine. Our conversation gave me two new ideas...

One: No borders
It has become incredibly difficult for Fox to manage exclusive deals on publicity around the Sunshine film. Perhaps too difficult. Maybe so difficult that their energy should be elsewhere. Okay, so its nice for MTV to show a trailer 2 days before anyone else. But if it takes an office full of people to keep an eye on it and make sure it happens at what point do you give up and make everything worldwide.

Two: The third world
This is an idea that comes from an author that Gia knows - I can't remember his name now. He makes his books free to anyone to download as a pdf in the West. But in the third world (where technology is not so widespread) he goes even further. There he allows anyone to print off the pdf AND profit from it. In essense it turns everyone with a printer into a salesman for his book. The goal is not profit for himself, but for getting in early in developing countries. Note to myself: Would this idea work for 'Circumference'?


Anonymous said...

Is the author Cory Doctorow?

Tim Clague said...

Could be? I don't know - that's the problem!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if it was - he operates that way and writes sci-fi too.

Gia said...

Yes, it is Cory Doctorow... :)

Tim Clague said...

I love it when a blog comes together!