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Friday, February 09, 2007

Berlin and Hallam Foe

I'm in Berlin as from tomorrow so communication may be sporadic.

I'm keen to meet up with the Hallam Foe guys if I can. I met Colin Kennedy recently who was 2nd unit director and also runs the blog for the film. But I only met him because he was filming Hugh MacLeod's tour of the UK and Hugh is only a tour of the UK because he is promoting the new bottle of Stormhoek wine as it now features his cartoons.

What does this all mean? How did wine get linked to cartoons and then linked to the film industry? OR is it just the case that we must move out of our boxes and realise our passion and our skills are transferrable. Perhaps in the future we will divide people not by industry or job role but by approach.


I do not know Sophia Myles but she is in Hallam Foe - as is Jamie Bell who starred in Billy Elliot that was directed by Stephen Daldry who also directed my short script 'Eight'.
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