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Friday, February 16, 2007

Always the music

Went to a great lecture by Oscar winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. Ask my composer friend Lee Miller who did the music for Circumference and I'm sure he'll tell you how poor my musical communication is. In fact I often swan about the place confessing to not even liking music - which always causes a scene.

Jan had been working with 3 new composers (including Titas, a graduate from Bournemouth)over here with an experiment. They had to rescore a scene from Finding Neverland that Jan did the score for originally. All 3 were so different and changed the mood so much I think I need to rethink my approach.

The good news is that ALL the composers believe that an indepth knowledge of music is not needed. Just a willingness to work together. And they were all intrigued by the method I used on WaterMelon where Dave Purse composed the score before the film.

So I'm in the right direction - just need to do it a bit more.

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Enzio Pesta said...

I have an idea for a 30 minute pilot that takes place in real time in a public toilet. Ok, not all of it, some of it takes place in the public area just in front of the Lady's/Men's room doors so there's some interaction betweem the sexes and maybe I'll throw in a little girl-on-girl action to spice it up.

The 1st episode has to do with a terrorist time bomb that's going to go off in...well, 30 minutes.

Think it will fly?

Tim Clague said...

Only if you hide it in the condom machine ;-)

Brian Scott Bennett (BMI) said...

What you say is true! In fact, limited musical knowledge can seriously damage your score. What is the most useful is a very good "EQ" - composers work with emotion so the better you can describe what you want your audience to feel in a certain scene to be underscored, the better your music will be. In fact, music is so magical and so powerful you can change your story with it, which is why directors tend to be afraid of working with new composers (and with good reason - it really is the most powerful emotional element and can in fact change your story line!). My music is currently used in more than 200 films and 1,800 TV episodes. (FYI: I've been composing music since the age of 5 and have a current catalog of well over 3,000 copyrights. I've never written anything I wasn't paid for-even those early pieces; they've all been used in films and TV projects!