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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why are you even here?

After a good conversation with Danny Stack I reflected that...

The world doesn't need another short film.
Every story has already been told.
TV is a declining industry.
There are already 100 times more writers than finished productions.

If that is true - why are we here?

If you were writing 60 years ago would you be turning your nose up at TV because you only wanted to work in film? If you were writing 100 years ago would you turn your nose up at cinema because you only wanted to work for the theatre?

What are you turning your nose up at now? Is it what the world wants? Is it a growth industry?


Danny Stack said...

I don't remember this conversation. Who are you? How did you get my number?

Tim Clague said...

Not you. The real Danny Stack. Yeah - I got your number though dude.

Paul said...

Every type of story may have been told (although I like to doubt this) but not every story.

Each new incident real or imagined happening to someone is a new story, regardless of whether its happened to someone else.

Try "Seven Touches of Music" by Zoran Zivkovic. Basic tales in a simple structure, but magically resonating.

Any short story by MR James - I know what I'm going to get, an antiquarian ghost tale played out by scholarly polite characters, but I'll voraciously read one I've not yet come across.

Does lack of novelty translate into lack of demand?

Today is grey, much like yesterday.

Tim Clague said...


You are right. Today is grey, much like yesterday. And yet we still demand a tomorrow.

But that's because we have hope for a sunny day. I guess the point of this post was to say - are you missing out on sunny days? Are you growing and selling apples because your family always has? Perhaps you should sell cider?

Anonymous said...

Here's a new idea for you, try to get some of the businesses like BT and various billion pound companies to invest in the Brit film industry and this time do it not just talk about it.

Also grants for the INDIVIDUAL not just community based projects. This allows many unheard and unseen projects to come to fruition and allows the talent forced underground to emerge.

Celebrities have enough of a platform but not enough decent material

Tim Clague said...

In the spirit of this blog post I would reply...

Why would BT and other companies invest in film? They have their own challenges, like making sure the phones work.

Why does our work need hand-out grants? Isn't it good enough to stand by itself?

The celebrity idea is a good one. A new writing outlet. Probably frustrating!!! But a new market none the less. Is anyone a celebrity writer already?

JaZz... said...

I read what you said Paul and though I can see a point, it concerns me a bit when somebody says WHY would anyone invest in a film? BT make billions in profit for a sacred few, Business IS king in the world of politics and life. Film is mostly held within a private sector where That attitude of profit or loss reigns. WHY? Because in the UK nearly 20,000 plus films are made, less than 5% are given the light of day and if we're lucky 3% of those are distributed of which 2 may be worlwide. If the brit film industry is going to survive it has to get rid of it's afraid to lose attitude, including some of the crusty duffers hanging on to their nice life styles and let talent not necessary young people age shouldn't matter just talented people through.

no offence meant

Tim Clague said...

Well you'll find no offence ever taken on this blog. Its aim is to kick around ideas.

I would say...

If you think you have a film that can get an audience (in the UK and worldwide) and you can find the money from somewhere to make it then do it. You are right. A film doesn't need to make a profit. Its just that a lot of investors only hand over one million pounds if they think they will get one and a bit million back.

And don't worry about the old guard. Blaming other people is a bit like saying 'they come over here and steal our jobs'. We must make our own (new) way. That's how it happens.

A help up:

BT headquarters switchboard number - 020 7356 5000

Industry analyst -