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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tarantino missed the best stuff!

Do you know Russ Meyer? You should. The jury is out - auteur or dirty old man?

For those unaware of the late Russ' work it is hard to quantify. He wrote, shot, directed and edited his own films. They feature odd experimental techniques, adventurous angles and non-linear narratives. Importantly, they all share a style that is instantly recognisable as his. This description would seem to put him in league with Kubrick, Goddard and Beat Takashi. However - his films also centre on the adventures on numerous busty girls running around and are shot on 16mm with limited sync sound.

Is Russ a genius?
Is he a perv?
Did he manage to turn his low-tech resources into a positive?
Did his small crew help more than hinder?
Could we learn from him and try to place daring shots above technical flashiness?

Russ came to mind when my colleague 'The Uncle' described to me the ending of Russ' film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. In the last 2 minutes we see images of every character in the film (however small their part) and hear from the narrator about what that character learnt. What a way to end! It's massively effective, fresh and costs nothing. Tarantino et al are always ripping off films from that era - the 70s. But I think they've been looking in the wrong place and at the wrong things.

Couldn't find the exact scene anywhere. But check out this trailer. This trailer is so direct its amazing. I wish I'd seen it before we shot this one for Circumference.

It's all here; love, rape, murder, dope, grass, abortion, suicide - something for everybody! If you've been waiting for something new, waiting for a film to shake you into a freaked out, mind blowing scene of 'right now' then come and see it man!

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The Uncle said...

I think that's even the greatRuss Meyer doing the VO himself! How could anyone write something like that, it's just Russ telling us like it is!

Matt said...

I interviewed Russ at his home in Palm Springs shortly before his death. I can attest he's definitely a pervert -- but I think in a good natured sense. Whether you like his films or not, the editing style is astounding - he started his career in film doing recon footage for the airforce during the war. You can tell.

Beyond the Valley.. took blockbuster numbers when it opened. Among other things, he told me around that time he had a pull down bed installed at his office at Fox when he had a studio deal with them...

Tim Clague said...

Matt - that story officially makes you a legend!