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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Short film favour

Added bit: You can now download my scripts and adapt them for free under a creative commons license - from here.

I got this email from Adam Neale. I like the way he's written it and he isn't asking for any favours. I believe that humility is currently the way that marketing and communications are going. Anyway...

I’ve got a short film in a competition called ‘60 Seconds of Fame’ and am through to the finals of the Southern region and if I win I this round I get to go to the BAFTA awards!

Could you have a look at my film which is called ‘85’ and if you think it’s a deserved winner could you place a vote for it?

It can be found at in the Southern region. It’s one vote per computer so if you really like it and can find more than one computer then don’t let me stop you.


potdoll said...

couldn't find it...

Tim Clague said...

Well that's for the very simple reason that my link was wrong.

So click on the link - and then use the 'filter by region' pull down to select 'South'

Adam's film is called 85

potdoll said...

thanks, got it this time.