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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year recap 2

Last year, I said I wanted to do this in 2006...

Just one important change. My own time discipline. Blogs, festivals, writing, TV 2.0 ideas, getting work - these all take time and I need to be better at slicing them into work slivers and eating them (too much christmas turkey invaded that analogy I think!).

I think I have been better at that - in fact the whole Scriptwriter's Life philosophy has come out of it.

My challenge for myself in 2007 is to get back into the thinking mode and start putting forward some more new ideas. Circumference and 365 films both came out of the last 'thinking aloud' time. But I need to be thinking now for 2008!

Things achieved in 2006:
Predictions for 2007:

  • More Structure 2.0 films
  • One cinema chain will break out. They will either get some showmanship going on - or will put forward a very purist proposition (no popcorn etc). My guess is the first of those two options.
  • One of the channels will start billing their programmes in a new way - the "What do I get out of it" way.
  • A procedure movie will be a surprise hit in the Autumn.
  • Someone I don't know will use the term 'storydust'
  • Japan will become the new cool. Everything will look Japanese in style.
  • A film funded by another industry will be in the top 10
  • Porn stars will cross over into mainstream cinema
  • a company will sponsor a semi-major channel (eg. more4)

Still from Children of Men - the most realist vision of the future I've seen in a film for years.

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1 comment:

Sal said...

Belated happy New Year, Tim. Hope your 2007 dreams come true (and have a great time in Berlin - look forward to reading your thoughts here)