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Saturday, January 20, 2007

New ideas are new problems for actors

A great article in Screen International this week (no on-line version of the article is available). It focuses on the Canadian Actor's strike. They are concerned about future revenue from on-line distribution. An actor often gets a cut from say DVD sales or on-demand TV sales but what about download sales?

However the biggest question is still not being answered. If user-generated content grows then that means the majority of downloads won't feature professional actors at all.

Could the future be web sitcoms like this where actors take the initiative...

Original article written by Mike Gubbins at Screen International.
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Good Dog said...

Illeanarama wasn't specifically made for the internet.

It was a 12 minute short shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2004.

A year later there was talk that E! was thinking of picking it up as a series. Didn't happen.

So it was chucked onto YouTube to promote Zeitbyte.

Tim Clague said...

Thanks for the info GD. As we all know the only way to ensure a viral hit is to make about 50 shorts and hope one catches fire. NOT the normal Hollywood way of working!