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Monday, January 22, 2007

A new idea for film and the audience

I like what these guys are trying to do. Its a kind of grass roots type of film making where the audience pays up front.

An unlikely manner to raise cash if your mindset is old-fashioned. "Who would pay up if they don't know about the film?" But this idea is more of a film 2.0 idea - or cinema 2.0 as they call it. This invites the audience in at every stage to the point where everyone is making the film in a co-operative way.

Consider this - when the film is made you know that there will be an audience waiting to see it.

I'll be watching this with interest.

Thanks to Adam Neale for the tip off.
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potdoll said...

Hi Tim,

Have you blogged about filming in cars? If so could you please point me to it?


Tim Clague said...

Not blogged about it - but have done it. What do you need to know?

potdoll said...

just the pro's and cons of low loaders versus a-frames.

also about grips.

and about 'cheating' who is driving (got a 17 year old lad driving but he hasn't passed his test and i need to see the car going along/by for the external bits to create the impression that they're travelling from town to country.

Tim Clague said...

Considering what you've said and to offer flexibility I would say a low loader. An A frame looks more realistic but is a bit more dodgy legally for someone who can't drive.

You probably need specialist grip help.

potdoll said...

Cheers Tim,

Just wanted another opinion before I talk to the DoP. My boss suggested we put him through a test but with about two weeks to go and a very limited budget that just ain't going to happen.

thanks again.