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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Get your FREE copy now

If you'd like to reserve your FREE copy of Circumference, my first feature film, I've made it even easier. There is now a link in the sidebar. CSS (and other technical) problems prevented me from putting the form straight into blogger so that's the best thing.

Sign up if you haven't already.


Mystery Man said...

Congratulations on your first feature, Tim!


Robert Pratten said...

Just checked out the film website and was totally blown away. Seriously. I'm just amazed at the concept, the web design and the trailer(s). I don't even like romantic comedies per se but you've sold Circumference to me! Well... emotionally sold it to me... it's free right? :) I've signed up to watch it.

One thought I had was... any chance of a simple PayNow button for those of us willing to contribute a few quid to make this work but wouldn't expect to be called a "sponsor" or "exec producer" ;)


Tim Clague said...

Cheers Rob,

We'll have a think about that one as you are not the first to offer. Certainly some seed money would help us as we try to secure the main deals.

See you at Cannes?

robert pratten said...

Oh yeah buddy! Cocktails in the American Pavilion? *cough* I script some kinda business meeting?
My wife might be reading this :)