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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cheeky ask

We're looking at getting a new video camera. It will be one of these three:

The JVC 250

The Canon XL H1

The Panasonic HVX200

We've used the Panasonic before when we shot the trailer pitch for Circumference. Its great as it can record DVCProHD. But does it look the part - important in front of clients? Also is the flexibility of the other two to allow you to changes lenses more important? The JVC looks great, is flexible and has SDI out - but service wise we have had problems with JVC before.

So a few things to consider. Any readers used any of these before or got a recommendation?


Andy Coughlan said...

We used the XL-H1 to shoot a short film last year. The results are excellent and the camera was quite easy to use.

The only downside I could see to it was that it was quite cumbersome to hold. The balance is way off centre, so if you're doing hand held stuff, expect aching arms.

The Uncle said...

Well done Timbo for your cheeky ask.

Most of our stuff is hand held so from what you say Andy this pushes the XL-H1 down the pecking order for me (as I'll be the one using it mostly!)

Tim Clague said...

Cheers for that first-hand feedback Andy.