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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Berlinale Talent Campus

Next month I'm off to the Berlinale Talent Campus with 350 other film people from across Europe. If you're going to be there then let me know.

I have mixed feelings about these kind of high-profile training events.

For: Big exposure, a sense of camaraderie, being part of a high profile international event, meeting people from elsewhere in the world.
Against: Big audience means lack of focus, no time to get to know everyone, perhaps not selective enough (?)

For all courses I wonder about the motivation. For some is it making money? For others is it to look like you're doing something but you don't worry too much about the results? When I write some training materials for a corporate clients the required results are clear. Will this training activity increase results by x? Or will this training activity mean that x more people join every year? etc etc.

How are film courses judged on their results?

All this may make me seem cynical. But I'm not. Instead it means the focus shifts over to you. What are you planning to get out of course? What results or new ideas are you looking for? Try to make sure you get it.

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