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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Super 8 - and old idea that's a new idea

This is an old movie I shot on Super 8. Like super 8 itself, I hope forgotten about it mostly. The super 8 page on the Projector Films static website didn't even have a stats counter on it. I believed it was something from the past. In fact, that's why I sometimes like to shoot on it. Its the ultimate antidote to the digital world. Watching it on the computer monitor betrays the feel of course. The only real way to view it is for me to bring my projector to your house. But you'll get the idea.

If you don't know what super 8 is - then you may know it as cine film. The small format film that your granddad used to shoot his home movies on. These days it's the same Kodak stock as in 35mm reels. So the results can be amazing.

Last week I finally got around to putting the web stats on the page. It turns out that this is the most page on my site! So if you are a super 8 fan than check out the updated page and apologies for taking my eye off the ball. If you're of the digital video generation then I suggest that you shoot on super 8 once in your life. Its the ultimate retro experience but with a look that is unique. I only know of one other person (Andy Marsh) who shoots on the format and you can see his film here. If you've used it then let me know.

I'm glad super 8 is still so popular and people are trying to find out more.

Its been a fun video clip week. But next week - back to the Scriptwriter's Life.

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FairyLight said...

Really liked the short, nice. You must do the Super 8 Challenge thing...!

Tim Clague said...

The straight 8 challenge is awesome - but scary!

Liza Jenifer said...

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