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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Presentation skills part 1a

As promised (but a little later than expected) this posting is some ideas on what to do when you want to write 'a little about myself...' for your emails etc. A key part of your Presentation Skills. Again I've tried to boil this down to simplest advice...

Use three sentences

First Sentence: write about your key achievements or successes or what you have going for you.
"I am a BAFTA nominated writer and winner of the Jerwood Film Prize whose last film was screened at Edinburgh Film Festival"
"I am a recent graduate from the London Film School and my final short was in the top 10 on ifilm for 2 weeks running."

Second Sentence: write about yourself and your interests.
"Recently I've become very interested in new technologies and new film business models"
"Even though I've graduated I remain a student of new narrative structures and techniques."

Third Sentence: write about the future and your goals.
"My next project brings together my writing skills with these film 2.0 ideas to form the world's first advertising funded feature film that will be free for audience to view worldwide."
"Now I'm keen to get out in the real world of work and bring my energy and effort to some interesting projects."

Remember - this is just the paragraph about yourself. You still need to match this to what you know are their goals and their projects.

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