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Monday, March 19, 2007

Pitching Yourself part 3 - two way meetings

2 way meetings incorporating 'their projects' really sums up the whole philosophy of this slice on Pitching Yourself. I've already written about it here and here with regard to Cannes.

In essence the advice is this...

Never have a meeting. Always have a conversation. Why?

Because the classic pitching idea is absurdly one way. It indicates that the producer has all the power, the talent and the decision making abilities. That the writer is lucky to see him and be given a chance to talk about his script. This isn't actually what it is about at all. People work with people. Not scripts. So always try to get into a two way conversation. It's less effort for you and probably more productive in the long run.

Isn't dialogue easier to write than monologue?

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Marc Calderwood said...


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Just a note to say thanks and I'm going to share this with my script group and with my audience at Of course I'll charge a small handling fee. After all, nothing's Free.

Best regards,
Marc Calderwood
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tim Clague said...

Cheers Marc. I hope your script group is a success and you can afford those speakers soon.

Best wishes to you guys in Mexico